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Xavier China specialises in bespoke & personalised dinnerware. 

From tea salons to stately homes, via whisky distilleries and townhouses, we love to help clients to create something unique for their tables. 

When considering a bespoke dinner service, it is important to ensure you are using the very best materials that will last not only the next ten years, but the next century at least. 

Bone china is simply the best when it comes to dinnerware. The 50% bone ash content in our plates and bowls means they are not only supremely thin and elegant, but also extremely tough and resilient. 

Get in touch today to create something unique that will be treasured for years to come. 


bone china soup bowl london
bespoke tableware personalised plates


Golden eagles or grey monograms? Whiskers on kittens or raindrops on roses? Your wish is our command.

bone china london made in england


The brilliant British invention that is bright white, super thin, elegant and, remarkably, the most chip-resistant type of pottery.

made in england bone china tableware london


Display your British wares with pride knowing that everything has come from within a 10-mile radius in Stoke-on-Trent.

"My godson and his wife were delighted to see their initials and 

the date of their wedding on the plates."

Why bone china?

Since about 1799 bone china has been famous as a particularly English porcelain. 

Famed for its elegance and translucency, it is often assumed that bone china must be fragile. It is, however, one of the hardiest ceramic materials available and is a great deal more chip-resistant than eathenware or other types of pottery.

Exported worldwide from the earliest days of its creation, it has been the fashionable choice for the very best ceramic wares for centuries. 

For some, the revelation that bone china actually contains animal bone may come as a surprise! But this is what gives the bright white material it's incredible strength.

Our bone china will survive decades of family feasts. It is dishwasher-friendly (unless you go for gold), and happy to be used day in, day out.


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