Xavier China: the best bone china dinner plate sets, made in England

Xavier China: the best bone china dinner plate sets, made in England

Nothing makes food look more tempting than when it’s presented on an understatedly beautiful plate.

Even a boiled egg and toast can look sophisticated on an elegant bone china plate. When it comes to buying a set of dinner plates for yourself, there are four key things to consider: price, occasion, numbers and material.


Like most homeware, the price of dinner plate sets can vary greatly. For some dinner sets you might pay less than a pound per piece whereas others can cost over £90 per piece. Most of want something beautiful without spending a fortune - and we want it to last.

Xavier China's dinner sets are not only made of bone china and handcrafted in England (making them beautiful), they are also affordable (starting at £8) and very long lasting as they are made out of the hardiest type of porcelain. 


Are you after a set of dinner plates, side plates and bowls that you can use every day for every meal, or do you want something special that you’ll only use when the occasion calls for it? This will have an impact on the design of the dinner set you buy.

For rarely-used occasion sets, you could opt for something extra special – maybe splash the cash on some gold edging (which is sadly not dishwasher friendly).

As for everyday tableware, you might want to choose something you won’t get sick of quickly, as you’ll be looking at it every time you eat. Also consider the style itself – do you want bold designs or natural-inspired patterns, or is it classic white that you’re after?

At Xavier China, we have all the above. Plain white bone china plate sets, alongside personalised full colour and gilded dinner services for special occasions. Pick your design and feel free to mix and match. 


This one is rather obvious, but if you’ve got a large family or if you often host big parties, you may want to consider buying larger sets of tableware. The typical number of items is 12, split into four place settings with three items each. That said, you can get sets that have enough for six, eight, ten or more guests at the table.

At Xavier China, our plates come in boxes of six and in five different sizes. A standard dinner set for us would including 6x dinner plates, 6x pudding plates and 6x side plates. We also sell charger plates (which are larger) and rimmed soup bowls. 


The material your crockery is made from will affect its durability and suitability for certain cooking methods. Earthenware is creamy white in colour and is strong and practical, but is easy to chip. Stoneware is tougher and more robust-feeling, so it’s chip-resistant and oven-proof to around 250°C.

Porcelain is delicate and is usually clean white in colour, but it can also survive the oven, freezer, microwave and oven. Fine bone china china is strong, thin and most frequently used for afternoon tea and more formal dining. 

Why would you buy clunky pottery or porcelain when you could have a fine bone china dinner set from Xavier China for the same price? It is harder and stronger, and thinner than any other kind - and will last the generations. 

To us, its an easy question with an obvious answer. But then we are Xavier China - maker of personalised fine bone china dinner sets. 

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